Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back on the bike...

Great bike ride with Eric tonight. What a difference from Saturday! I know it was a lot shorter but felt good out there and has renewed my confidence for Liberty on the 14th. We did some of the course including the lovely hill up 201 onto 24. Can't wait to do it twice on race day. I am not sure why I felt so bad Saturday. I know I probably overdid it Memorial Weekend with a lot of running just a week after Jemez, so maybe it was all building up. In any case, it's no harm to have crummy days. Keeps me grounded. As Kami would say "it's good to be humble". Indeed it is. I can't say it comes entirely natural to me but I'll work on it :)

I hope everyone preparing for FANS on Saturday is enjoying their taper this week. I will be down there bright and early to help out with pre-race set-up and sign-in. I figured it was time I volunteered for something given how much I benefit from others at all the races I do. And it's all part of the plan to be truly tired Saturday night as we set off for 38 miles at Kettle Moraine! Got my Black Diamond Icon headlamp today so looking forward to checking that out.

end of post.