Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rain, rain, rain...

After an enjoyable 10 miles this morning with the run club - great to catch up with Jodee, meet some new people, AND be treated to a yummy breakfast courtesy of Debbie & Brad - I met up with Susan and Tanya for a bike ride...

The girls had been out for an hour already and Susan actually made the smart decision to head home and finish her ride on her trainer (she did THREE hours on it - never!), while the pair of us headed north on 116. Ah, it all seemed like a great idea at the time. But the clear skies did not stay that way for long. About 40 minutes later the rain started, and looking at the sky (and remembering the weather forecast) we knew it was not likely to stop immediately so we found a diner in Rogers and hung out for a while - chatting, reading the paper and sipping hot tea. When it finally cleared we headed back out - only to find a flat in my back tire! 10 minutes and 3 CO2 cartridges later we were back on the road. By the time we reached St. Michael the rain had started again and eventually after about 90 minutes on the road we decided to call it a day. We rang Susan who very kindly came to our rescue! Thank you Susan!!

I was glad to get in a yoga class this evening - my hamstrings are really really tight so I think it did them good. Looking forward, sort of, to a massage this week. Will be taking it easy in the run up to Jemez, mostly swimming and yoga. Well, that is after tomorrow - assuming the rain clears we're hoping to get in a nice long ride down in Scott county.

I spoke briefly to Kami & Pam this evening - they were scouting for coffee shops in Madison enroute home from Ice Age. A very enjoyable run by all accounts. I can't wait to hear the detailed accounts of Pam's first and Kami's 3rd (since January!) 50 miler. It was also Todd's first one and I know several others who ran it so hopefully they all had a good day.

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