Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Snow??

Boy am I glad to be getting on a plane tomorrow morning to the mild southeast... I know, it's not at all unheard of to get snow in late April and into May - we had hail for the Wells Fargo Half the first year I ran it in 2005 - but seriously, hasn't winter been long enough this year?

Anyway, I am off to DC in the morning, then driving approx 200 miles south to a campground north of Lynchburg where I'll set up camp along with over 100 other runners in anticipation of the race director's alarm horn at 4:30am Saturday! Anyone who has run a race directed by David Horton knows that his events are never without some interesting twist. And the Promise Land 50K is no different. I believe the race is actually just 50K - no "Horton miles" like the Masochist 50M in Nov which is closer to 54M - but instead we get to camp the night before and set off up the side of a mountain in the dark. Well, it was a blast last year and knowing the beautiful trail and scenery ahead of me I am excited to be taking part again. And I am looking forward to meeting up with the great group of local runners that run the Lynchburg series of races.

I am hoping to feel a little more energized than last weekend at Trail Mix. I am better rested for sure - due to a crazy week at work I haven't had the chance to work out much. Though I did get in a nice run early yesterday morning around the lakes. And in an effort to start analyzing my 'data' I wore my fancy new HRM...

no warm up (need to work on that)
7m tempo
avg speed 8.5mph
avg HR 159
1m cool down

Now, time to pack - tent, sleeping bag, running gear, hiking gear, and suit for conf. in DC... did I hear they charge for extra bags on northwest these days??

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