Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A year of racing...

It was quite a year of running for me. I'm not sure I'll ever do as many races in a year again but I definitely want to have as much fun running as I did in '08!

Amazingly just about every race was a good one. I suppose the only exception might be Trail Mix but I had pretty much made up my mind in the first few miles that I wasn't up for running 50K (having run Chippewa the previous week and with Promise Land planned for the following one) - so no real disappointment there.

But of all the races a few stick out in my mind...

Voyaguer - everything about this race was fun. Well, ok not the stomach problems that dogged me pretty much all day. But even that seems to have faded among the good memories. Like Afton it is a race I hope to run for many years.

Chippewa - as much fun as it was I won't be sorry to (hopefully) enjoy better conditions in '09.

Jemez Mountain - there are not many races where you get to alternate running through snow and sand, rain and sunshine, over summits and across valleys. This was one to remember.

Sawtooth - where do I start? It was simply amazing. All of it. Even the rough parts. Especially the rough parts.


MN Ultra Runner said...

A great year all around! Here's to 2009, hopefully it brings the same success.

nwgdc said...

The Chippewa report was a very good read...I'm not sure if I cna handle something like that on my first trail ultra.
No matter what, I'll be there! (I hope)

SteveQ said...

We had opposite years - Trail Mix was my high point and Voyageur and Sawtooth were... not.

Merry Christmas! (I've forgotten the Gaelic)

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