Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reality Bites

No more drama! I sent the email. No Hellgate for me. At least not this year... WTF was I thinking? I feel my shin almost every step I take. Not searing pain. But nagging pain all the same. Yes, my ego was getting in the way! Even after a 5 mile run today during which it never felt good I was still comtemplating it. And then I got a text from my straight talking friend... "Think about Paula Radcliffe. The first 10 hours might feel ok but the wheels are bound to start falling off the wagon during the next 6." And I'm no Paula Radcliffe... Thanks Dee!!


Anonymous said...

There will always be another race. This may be a time to take a step back, reflect on the accomplishments thus far already this year, recover, set new goals for 2009, and most importantly work on any weaknesses. Glad to see you shortened your race list for next year.

Matthew Patten said...

I guess I would have a tough time at church this weekend explaining "I told someone I wanted to see her go to Hell"

Heal. Then come back next year collecting more hardware

johnmaas said...

I can relate so well to your situation.
You made the right decision in not going to Hell(gate).
I had similar troubles with my right shin after Lean Horse - turned out to be a stress fracture. It didn't flare up real bad until 3 weeks after the 100.
It is soooo tough to sit back and let these things heal properly.
Get better soon,

Londell said...

You have been really pushing the body... at least I could not have a prayer of doing half of what you do... Could be a good thing, relax, recover and enjoy the holiday's with good friends and family!

Kurt said...

Yea that always sucks but you did the correct thing. It is easy to push all the time because we think we need to be tuff as nails all the time. There are times to push and others to lay off. If you have the chance find the new Trail Runner magazine. There is a short interview with one the the tuffest people in the world in my mind Ann Trason. Read what she sayd on things just like this. I think you will see you did the best thing.

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