Friday, December 12, 2008

Over it

Like my temper, my bad moods are generally very short lived. I can't run for a few weeks BUT I can do most everything else. And all of a sudden swimming has actually become fun! How'd that happen? In the lead up to IM I used to dread my visits to the pool. Now I can't get enough of it. One reason for sure is training with Tanya. We trained togther a lot for IM Wisconsin in 2007 but this year with me devoting more time to trail running and Tanya kicking ass on the bike our schedules diverged a lot more. But the past few weeks we've been swimming and pool running a lot. We are about the same pace in the pool and it definitely helps to have someone alongside pushing you through the workout. I know I would not swim nearly as good a pace by myself.

I think the leg is healing slowly. It is difficult to know. Some days it feels better than others. My rule is no running until I cannot feel any pain no matter what way I twist/turn/stand/jump. It might be a week, it might be two. Hopefully no more than 3! But whatever it is I will wait. I want 2009 to be an even better year on the trails so it will be worth it. Meanwhile it will be a mix of rest, kicking back and enjoying the holidays... and trying to stay somewhat in shape by swimming and building strength in the gym. My eating habits are pretty dismal right now but I am not going to fight it until the new year...

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nwgdc said...

how does one improve on your 2008?! wow! good approach to the healing...just forget about the running for a while. who wants to start the "best year ever" a little dinged up?

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