Monday, December 8, 2008


So I guess I forgot to hit the send button. I knew I hadn't sent the 'not doing Hellgate' email to David Horton before I posted last night but I had drafted the email and had every intention of sending it. But then I got busy with something. I woke up this morning and it was literally the first thing I thought of. Well, no it was the second thing. The first thing will be mentioned at a later date. Maybe. But I had to go to PT so I told myself I'd send the email when I got back. I worked from home today as I have a rotten cold. Another good reason not to race next weekend. But then at PT I was very pleased that my shin didn't feel near as bad as last Friday... You know where this is leading...

THEN, I get home and I have an email from Dr. Horton... full of random instructions for the race and the seedings... he always does this - I think just for the fun of it as they often seem very random to me though of course there are a lot of names on there I don't know. For the 3 races in the series that I ran in 2007/2008 I was in the lower third so my goal was always to place higher than my seeding. Which I did by quite a few spots in each race. There are 22 women entered in Hellgate. And I am seeded first. When I look at the other names this does not make sense to me even with the results I had in recent months. If I was healthy my goal was to place in the top 5 and run sub-16hrs. Dream goal was sub-15 but there are a lot of variables in a race like this. Although the weather looks fairly decent for that area next weekend. Temperatures anywhere from 20-40F and not much snow/ice.

So the bottom line here is I am still on the fence. Matt wants me to go to Hell though so I might just have to... I ran an easy few miles on the treadmill this evening and that felt ok. I am going out for a snowy run tomorrow morning to see how the leg feels so perhaps that will make the decision for me. I hate this. I am normally so decisive!

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nwgdc said...

"Like sands through an hourglass..."

I'm looking forward to the report tomorrow!

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