Wednesday, December 3, 2008


At least that's what it feels like this week. Winter has finally arrived and it's all too easy to stay under the covers for as long as possible in the morning. And generally stay indoors and keep myself to myself! Probably just as well this week since my shin is bothering me so I can't do much anyway. I had my chiro look at it this morning and he thinks the fascia around the muscle (tibialis anterior) is probably torn. Great. Well, what do I expect hammering down those hills at Afton on Saturday a week after IM...

I'll never learn. So, Hellgate is not looking good. I'm getting ultrasound and/or cold laser treatment on Friday and probably again Monday/Tuesday so I'll see how that goes. Icing it all the time and trying to keep off it as much as possible. Feels like it should clear up quickly but I suppose even if it does it won't appreciate 66 miles in the Virgina Mountains.

I know, I should abandon all thoughts of the race right now but I just can't get the idea of a trip south out of my head. I have loved running in the Blue Ridge Mountains, twice at the Promise Land 50K and one time at Masochist 50M. A wonderful community of runners and very scenic trails.

In other news... actually I don't have any other news. Hiber-nation is a quiet place.

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Miss H said...

I know what you mean when it comes to managing training when its cold out. I hope you're back in business soon.

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