Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ironman Arizona

In short, this will be my second and final IM!

There are a bunch of locals heading down to AZ for the fun. 34 in total according to the website. I don't know most of them but I've been training with a few of my buddies all year long and am looking forward to spending the weekend together. And with my mammy who arrived tonight!

I should clarify, when I said I've been 'training with' these gals all year... I've been training for trail races while most of them have actually been training for IM :)

Except Kami, who like me is a little more inclined toward the trails. OK, a lot more inclined. Pam too except she has been more dedicated on the biking front. She has done incredibly well recovering from a pulled calf muscle at Voyaguer 50M.

Susan and Tanya on the other hand are dedicated triathletes having already signed up for Madison '09! Casey & Anthony I don't know so well but they have been training hard and if I'm not mistaken Anthony has already been to Kona. He will likely get there again and from what I know of Casey she has a great chance of qualifying. That would be neat for them both to get spots. But if not they still get to do a very cool race next year - off to Oz for a few months work in the New Year so they are signed up for IM New Zealand in March. I am SO jealous. Not so much of them doing an actual IM but if I ever had to do another one that would be my first choice. While traveling there earlier this year I got to swim in Lake Taupo where the race is held - and sky-dived over it - both very enjoyable experiences!!

Anyways, this weekend... if you are interested to see how we're holding up on the day you can 'track an athlete' at the following link:

Helen Lavin 2153 (hoping for sub-12)
Pam Nielsen 2172 (first IM - will do super!)
Susan Hilal 2175 (hoping for sub-12)
Kami Holtz 2263 (like me is happily retiring from IM after this one!)
Tanya Kroll 2149 (will have an awesome bike!)
Casey Hirschman 2133 (good chance of Hawaii Qualifying spot)
Anthony Hirschman 253 (likely to get Hawaii Qualifying spot)

Here's how I hope to make it under 12...

Swim 1:30
T1 0:08
Bike 6:30
T2 0:07
Run 3:44:59.99999999999


nwgdc said...

Good Luck, Helen!

I can't wait to follow the progress!

While I have zero aspiration to complete an Ironman, I've found your running very inspirational, and I enjoy following progress online, so do well!

I can't wait to read about it.

Scott Mark said...

Best of luck to you Helen! I'm sure you'll do fantastic, and can't wait to read your report!

keith said...

Good luck, Helen! I wish I were headed to sunny AZ, alas I'll be well north for a while.

Also wishing I was on vacation!!!

Can't wait to hear about the IM.

Londell said...

Good luck... But then again, you are sooooo good, do you need luck?

marie said...

Hey Helen,

All the best for Sunday - hope you get to enjoy your final IM??!! Do not believe you!! I expect it will be all 100milers from here on in...Chat to you soon...Marie

Teresa said...

Well done Helen, another fantastic achievement. But did ya stop for a cup of tea after the bike???

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