Saturday, November 29, 2008

Afton Photos

Starting out... wondering which parts of the riddle would hold true...
OJ, fruit and bagels in the woods... can you believe John & Pierre hauled this food out along the deer trails for us?! Thank you!

Girls... joined by some boys

And then some more girls and boys...
Yes, those are bottles of bubbly... we were truly spoiled!

Watching Maynard cross with caution. In case he got wet. Time enough for that later.

Ha ha. Seriously? No. Surely he doesn't mean we have to get in the water?

Oh yes. He did. And a few of us idiots actually thought it was worth a few race entries... resulting in frozen fingers. So, no more photos...

BUT, there are lots more from along the trail at this link. Enjoy!
More photos on Julie's blog!

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