Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wiped out

That is how I feel right now. Completely spent. Long bike rides just do that to me. If I had ran 50 miles today I don't think I'd feel as knackered. It would be ok if I could lie on the couch for the evening but the point of opening up the laptop in the first place was to start into a few hours work that needs to get done tonight. Blogging is just so much more fun...

After deciding my foot wasn't up to running I abandoned plans for Wild Duluth and joined Kami and Pam for an 80 mile bike ride this morning. In the wind. Holy crap did it burn. As always my saddle gave me issues from about mile 20. This is my 4th saddle in about 2 years so I don't think changing it again will help any. Suck it up and ignore the pain is a much better plan. My glute didn't feel the best from about halfway (unrelated to said saddle) but I figured that was going to happen. It will take more than PT the day before a long bike to cure me. I could feel it all the way down my hamstring and calf though not as severe as it has been. I'm planning another few hours on the bike tomorrow morning so that should be interesting.

Off to DC later in the day where I'm hoping to get in a few nice early morning runs. Though I did a short run off the bike today and my foot was bothering me. I think I will try taping it and see how it is Monday morning for a 6-7 miler. Also on the agenda for tomorrow morning is a long swim. I have to say I enjoyed Friday's swim so I'm hoping tomorrow feels the same. Next weekend will be another big one with a longer bike Saturday and a long run Sunday and then a little shorter the next weekend and that's the hard training done for IM!!! Yeah, it's not quite what the training plans call for but it'll be enough to get me around on the day. I won't get close to my 11:22 goal that I set many months ago but I'm still clinging to the hope of a sub-12. We'll see.

Speaking of IM, Carrie is out on the course in Kona as I write this! World Championship day. Carrie qualified at Madison last year and is an amazing athlete. Her background is swimming and her bike is equally strong. She claims not to be a runner but I think a 3:50 IM marathon would argue otherwise! I've been tracking her online the past few hours. She had an incredible swim (1:02) and is keeping a great pace on the bike. It's a serious accomplishment to make it to Hawaii in the first place and to be having such a good race on a tough course says it all.

End of post.

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keith said...

I don't know how anyone can sit on those saddles for longer than an hour. I wanted to divorce my ass after only a couple hours.

You're my hero. There was no sucking up that kind of pain.

Good luck with the rest of your training!

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