Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What to do when you shouldn't run?

Run anyway. I should at least be icing my foot as I'm writing this but it's turning into one of these weeks when I am not doing anything I should be. My diet the past 2 days has consisted of donuts, coffee, more donuts and more coffee. Seriously, I have zero self discipline when it comes to donuts. I have yet to meet one I didn't like. Light and fluffy sugar coated, jam filled, custard filled, chocolate covered, old-fashioned, cake donuts. They are all good. I pray that Dunkin' Donuts doesn't make it to Mpls. There are no locations within 50 miles (yes, I checked). The reason I am suddenly having donuts for breakfast and lunch is that we're holed up in a war room all day working on a project and of course being a healthcare company we order in donuts and coffee from the cafeteria to sustain us. Ok, there's a very large plate of fruit as well but I figure why waste good calories on pineapple chunks...

So to balance this unhealthy diet I ran 9 with Bronywn and the girls around the Lakes this morning. It's always so good catching up and these days we usually end up discussing the campaign which generally turns into a broader discussion on how and why we think as we do. I love it. Having lived on 3 continents and visited a few others I am more and more interested in figuring out what makes people think the way they do. What shapes our lives most. The big world around us or the small world of our families and close friends. Are we more different than alike. Will we ever live in harmony. Ha, one minute I'm talking donuts and the next it's a deep dive into the human psyche.

Of course this morning's run was to remedy yesterday's intake. So after another bad day I decided to run again this evening. I had planned to take a yoga class but after a day cooped up in the conference room I needed fresh air. No time for debate on this run... 6 fast miles on the Luce Line with Igor and his nephew (who's name I won't try to write as I will screw it up). Out in 21:30 and back in 21:00. It's a while since I've run that fast in training. It was fun. Did my foot hurt. Well, yes, a little. It's sort of the same all the time so this is why I am not so worried. But I will get the ice pack out now. I have a few hours work to do so I may as well be working on the foot at the same time.

End of post.


Matthew Patten said...

Dunkin Donuts (otherwise known as Double D) is coming to Minnesota sometime in Q1 of 2009.

It's all good carbs. Great running food.

SteveQ said...

Could Igor's nephew's name be any harder to spell than Gaelic names like Eithne or Siobhan?

DD's coffee - good stuff!

keith said...

Having just come back from the land of Dunkin Donuts all I can say to them is "please hurry here"

helen I hope your foot feels 100% soon! You continue to amaze and inspire.

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