Saturday, October 25, 2008


How appropriate to find this in my inbox this morning as's Word of the Day. I was checking email this morning before leaving to meet the guys for the drive out to Afton knowing well I shouldn't be heading off for a run at all but biking instead. Though it wasn't much of a quandary to be honest. Despite my foot not feeling the best after last evening's run and the weather being promised better for today than tomorrow I was happy to put off the bike as long as possible. Of course I had the grand excuse of telling Kami I'd leave the bike until tomorrow as she just gets back from Cincinnati tonight. Seemed like a good idea at the time but I suspect after 5hrs in 23mph winds and snow flurries I won't be so sure.

In any case, we had a lovely run this morning. Ended up just myself and Eric as Igor x 2 and Cathy had to give it a miss due to sore backs, colds... recover well! It was pretty chilly starting out but shorts and a longsleeves felt about right. Decided to wear the Montrails for extra support and I think it was a smart choice. I love the flexibility of the Asics but they definitely offer less support. Jeffrey was starting out just before us for a reverse 25K loop so we ended up running into him a few times as we first headed over to the ski hill singletrack via the snowshoe loop and then back for some more hills and managed to find a few of the 'secret' trails John had taken me on last Saturday. Ran into Tom - great to see him running again! - and a few others but it was pretty quiet overall. Finished up at just under 3hrs for about 17 miles. Delighted to see that Jeffrey, Tom and Nancy were hanging out in the visitor's centre (with fire lit!) so we chatted to them for while - enjoying some delicious goodies courtesy of Nancy. And then it was back to Plymouth for a shower and off to work for the afternoon. More of the same tomorrow. Though I think we'll bike later in the day so will probably work in the morning. Badly need to clean up around the house but that will have to wait...

10pm update: oh dear... latest weather forcast for tomorrow is sustained winds of 30mph with gusts of up to 40mph. Should be fun.

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phillip said...

Please share the secret trails when at the UMTR Awards Fest on 11/1.

Always fun to discover new routes!

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