Saturday, October 4, 2008

More wise words...

Do Not Resist The Taper

by Sean Ryan
(published in UltraRunning Sept 2008)

Here at the precipice, at the end of all things
With the miles under your belt and the finish line in sight
The most difficult of all times in your training arrives -
The taper.

Do not resist the taper

This is the time for the body to rest, to relax, to recover.
Like a prize fighter catching his breath before going in for the final round,
Like Mother Nature reaching utter stillness before her impending fury,
Like a gentle backrub before, well, use your imagination.

Do not resist the taper

Ah, but YOU, oh great and mighty distance runner,
YOU are prone to resist.
You have become consumed by your own power, your own endurance
Dare I say it, by your own INVINCIBILITY!

Do not resist the taper

Like an addict, you rationalize and you bargain.
"The schedule says 8 miles but I'm just going to do an easy 16,"
You tell your co-workers or spouse nonchalantly as you walk out the door
Unaware of them shaking their heads and muttering "Freak!" under their breath

Do not resist the taper

Race day is nearly upon us,
The finish line and its hoards of spectators beckon to you,
Calling for you to go the distance and claim your prize.
Do not be anxious, do not be hasty,

Do not resist the taper

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Londell said...

I like this... Think I will print and post on the wall next time I need to remember these words

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