Thursday, October 30, 2008

Indian Summer?

The weatherman on NPR this morning was having a debate (with himself) about whether or not this week's temperatures could be defined as an 'Indian Summer.' I don't care what you call it - I'm lovin' it! Today was GLORIOUS. This is absolutely my favourite kind of weather. The only bad thing about autumn is that it means winter is right around the corner...

So I was delighted to be able to take a few hours off this afternoon and get out biking. Finally! 65 miles in the 60's. Sweet. Well, my glute/sciatic/hamstring started to bug me after about an hour but it wasn't what I'd call painful and tomorrow evening's massage should help sort it out. Temporary solution of course but that might just have to do. Until I stop eating crap (working on it - only 2 donuts so far this week) and starting strenghtening my core I'm going to have problems. My right leg is about a half inch shorter than my left (which is not that unusual) resulting in an unbalanced pelvis. The only answer is to have a very strong support system and of course those muscles are the ones I neglect most...

But anyway, it was a good bike ride. And best of all it was enjoyable! Even with the wind. Good to catch up with Susan as always... she has a new nephew and is lacking sleep as much as me these days so we needed to encourage each other out there. Igor joined us for the first ~30. He spent the first few minutes reminding us that Florida IM is this weekend so registration for 2009 will open the next day. Yeah, right. I am looking forward to training with everyone doing an IM next year but I'll be happy to stop at 3 or 4 hours on the bike and to maybe swim oh once a week. Or once a month if I feel like it.

Foot is still a bit sore and now I am having pain in my left heel. I was reading up on Achilles Tendonitis and the early symptoms sound horribly familiar. So I am stretching my calves like crazy!! But still I run... a short one Monday morning to wake me up. I woke up at 6am having been in bed for 2.5hrs after dragging myself away from the laptop in the early hours. So my choice was a 4 mile run or another 40 minutes in bed. I knew the run would sustain me better throughout the day so off I went. I slept well that night. Tuesday ran with Bronwyn around Harriet and then carried on over to Calhoun. Was planning around 10 but then decided I'd head over to Isles aswell. I love running that lake and used to run there all the time when I lived downtown. Watched a beautiful sunrise on the way back around Calhoun. Ended up with 14.

Then last night met Kami and Eric at Luce Line. We'd talked about mile repeats but Kami couldn't stay for long so we did an out and back to get around 5 with her and then headed out again. Did 2 fast miles with a break in between and then turned around and took it easy enough back. Well, 8:00's felt easy after a 6:45 and a 6:35!! We have a 6K race at work next week - around Rice Lake. I ran it 2 years ago at 6:45 min pace so I'm hoping to do sub 6:40's this time.

Really looking forward to catching up with folk at the UMTR fest this weekend. Hope everyone has fun at Surf the Murph! Would be there only I need to be at work for the afternoon so I'm going to bike in the morning. Will get in my long run Sunday morning on the Luce Line... before brunch at Tanya's in honor of Carrie (who recently kicked ass at IM Hawaii)! Will be great to catch up with the gals. Then work again for the rest of the day. Project should all be wrapped up next week though so it's not so bad. And you know averaging 4 hours a night ain't so bad. It's amazing how many hours there are in the day when you spend so few sleeping :)

Now, time for my daily dose of Election Mania... looks like Joe ain't doing much plumbing these days. Which reminds me I'm having sink drainage issues these days. I guess I can call Joe next week. He should be a little less busy...

End of post.

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