Friday, October 10, 2008

A Good Day

And nothing to do with running for a change! It began with good news at work. This tiny mesh of stainless steel has been my baby for the past 4 years. Seeing it (finally!) get to market is pretty cool. I hope you never need one but if you do, take my word for it, this is a good one! It's the reason I moved to the US in the first place. So of course reaching this milestone resulted in a few moments of reflection on my time here. No question I've grown professionally and life outside of work has been equally rewarding. It really has been an incredibly fulfilling couple of years. I won't overdo the company loyalty blurb but of all our buzz words and taglines there is one that I am in complete agreement with: Every positive outcome can inspire a million more. We may mean this in terms of positive clinical outcomes but I fully believe it applies across the board. Yeah, I am quite the happy camper tonight :)

Ended the day with a great (post-celebration) swim - got in 3500yds - the longest since IM last year! Took me a good 90 minutes with some rest and chatting to Susan and Tanya who joined me halfway through. But I am not too concerned about time for the swim. I just need to be able to get through it and not be completely exhausted!

As for weekend plans... after waking up with a still sore foot I decided to stay put tomorrow and not take part in the Wild Duluth run. I am bummed as I was really looking forward to running a new trail. But I just don't know how the foot would feel after a few miles. Maybe ok on the softer trail surface but it'd be a long drive if it only held up for a few miles. And of course at the back of my mind I knew I should really be biking this weekend. I'm flying to DC Sunday afternoon so tomorrow is my only chance for a long ride. So myself and the ladies are planning 5+. Ugh. Not looking forward to seeing how my butt feels after it. I woke up this morning after spin class last night knowing for sure it's the biking that really causes my hamstring issues. Naomi, the angel that she is, worked wonders on it this afternoon, as she did last Friday pre-TCM. A cutaneous branch of the femoral nerve appears to be the culprit. And I get some pretty nasty bone bruising on the sacro-iliac joint that is all related. It was crazy how my leg was burning up as she was releasing it with just a very light touch - Neurofascial Process (NFP). Pretty cool stuff. Simple - but it seems to work.

End of post.

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keith said...

congratulations for your achievement...i know all too well that feeling lately.

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