Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Running in DC...

... is beautiful!! What a great day for running. It was in the 70's this morning when I ran 10 miles and after getting much warmer in the afternoon it was back in the 70's this evening when I ran 8 miles! The foot is not 100% but I discovered it feels just fine if I run nine minute miles. I also discovered that running this pace allows me to think so much more. Less doing, more thinking. Did it take a little restraint to hold back when people passed me along the path? Sure it did, but then I got back to my day-dreaming and all was well :)

After the worst nights sleep in a long time... allow me to rant a little here... So, I arrived into Regan at 6pm. My luggage didn't make it but was on the next flight due to land at 8pm. No big deal. Except that when I got to the hotel I realized my laptop was nearly dead having worked on the plane and that my cord was in my suitcase. Figured I'd have it by 10 or 11pm so I'd wait up as I really needed to email some files so they'd be in Ireland their morning time. Called the 'helpline' several times between 11pm and midnight to be told - by the automated response system - that it had arrived and was enroute to me. Gave up and went to bed after calling reception to ask could they hold my luggage when it arrived and I'd get it in the morning. Received an automated phone call soon after 2am telling me they couldn't deliver my luggage until I confirmed my location so I needed to "press # and speak with customer service". So I pressed # and got the dreaded music. Eventually hung up. This process was repeated twice more at 30 minute intervals (if I didn't like my cell phone so much it would need replacing today). Called the original help line to be told customer service hours were 6am to midnight. Customer service indeed. Decided to call reception... just in case... my luggage had been there since 1am. As a final nail in the coffin - I accepted their offer to bring it up to my room, assuming that meant, like, immediately... no sign of it TEN minutes later so I got dressed and went down. The pair of clowns at reception were WATCHING TV. Jesus if I didn't lose it then. I didn't. But I did ask them if they'd been to the NWA school of customer service. No I didn't really. I was far too tired and cranky to attempt sarcasm. Not that it would have been understood anyway.

So, after all that I slept in, worked a bit, ran, and then headed over to the conference for the afternoon and evening sessions. Interesting stuff, I really enjoy hearing about the new technologies out there and seeing the early clinical results. Less and less invasive products that have the capability to work faster with longer lasting results. Neat. Now, can we buy some of the start-ups so I get to work on these cool projects?

Tomorrow's agenda is pretty full and the day promises to be even warmer so I think I'll try to get out quite early for a few more easy miles. Likely just head down along the Mall again. My run this morning took me over the bridge to Arlington National Cemetry. I'd never been over there before. It's huge.

It's crazy but after the past few days, Saturday's long bike and Sunday's 4200 yard swim (which amazingly was not that bad), and today's double, I feel more energized that I have since before Sawtooth. Let's hope it keeps up for a few more weeks!

Now, back to the grindstone. With foot in bucket of ice.

End of post.

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