Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dreaded Treadmill

I ran on a treadmill last night for the first time in a long time. I think since January or February - that really bad weekend where running outside was just too dangerous (at least in my mind). I remember it well as Pam, Tanya and I did 17 miles!! No wonder I have avoided it for so many months... But when I got to the hotel in DC last night it was pretty stormy outside and I was in the sticks as opposed to downtown so I figured the hotel gym was a safer option. Only managed 4 miles but it was a nice enough workout to get some short intervals in. I had planned to venture outside this morning but the warm bed was much more inviting. And this evening a warm house... anyway I suppose a few rest days should be on the cards before TCM.

Onto much more exciting news - I got into HELLGATE!!! I was so happy to get the email from r.d. David Horton today. I've heard so much about this race and have had such a blast running other races in the series in south western Virginia. No doubt it'll be the toughest one yet - which of course is what makes it so appealing. 12.01am start on the Friday night so that everyone has to run in the dark! And very unpredictable conditions. Frozen body parts a few years ago though last year was pretty mild. The race filled a few weeks back but the website said entries would be accepted until Sept 30th and then about 20 runners would be drawn. Lottery? Hmmm I don't think so. I have no doubt Dr. Horton looked at each and every application form and decided who he wanted in his race. As well he should! The application form asked for Best 100K time. Since I haven't done one yet I decided to jot down my Voyageur & Sawtooth times. And placing. There's a time and a place for modesty but this ain't it! And I guess it worked...

So now I am no longer training for boring IM. I am training for a 100K trail race - with a ton of biking (and a little swimming) for cross-training :)

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Londell said...

Congrats on the entry... I once heard Diane Farmer did all her training for her 100 she finished all on a treadmill... Maybe get some tips from her on how to enjoy it? Although, I agree, nothing matches the outdoors.

nwgdc said...

What's available at the aid stations?



Can't wait to read about it!

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