Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Night

And it's the final one. Should be good. I hope it is anyway. Just in from an easy 5.5 mile run. Very easy - just wanted to stretch the legs a bit and get some fresh air. I will sleep well tonight. It has been over 36 hours. I don't know how or why but I actually feel pretty good! The conference was well worth it today - some interesting perspectives from FDA this morning and the chance to chat with some of my reviewers. And then I had lunch with an old colleague. When I first started in Galway I would spend hours on the phone to Doug every day. He was based in Boston and taught me so much in those early days. He's since moved on so it had been a few years since we met though we keep in touch on a semi-regular basis.

OK, the boys are on. Time to sign off and tune in.

End of post.


keith said...

if you really want to get a feel for american politics, tune in to baseball. i have always said the fall classic is what we long to be as a nation -- carefree, joyously competitive and feeling like we're a part of something great.

nwgdc said...

I completely agree with Keith. Being in a new apt (with no internet or TV hookup yet), I'm posting this via blackberry and listening to baseball on the radio.
I mean, tell me you don't already know the candidates' answers!?

MN Ultra Runner said...

If you're in the vicinity of the Abbott Vascular booth stop and say hello to my peeps! The vessel closure or endovascular people are my buddies.

I actually enjoy listening to the debates for the sole purpose of seeing how long they can talk without actually saying anything.

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