Friday, October 3, 2008


If only I listened to it! I'm having quite a lot of discomfort with my right sciatic area this week. I know it is mostly from biking. Hence the reason I biked for 90 minutes yesterday evening. And have plans to do same tomorrow morning. For a somewhat smart person I can be awfully stupid sometimes. And then I'll head over to the Expo and sit on a panel for first time marathoners and give out all sorts of sensible advice. At least I don't need to get into a discussion on tapering given it's the day before the race.

As I was swimming this evening, having run 7 miles this morning and planning to go to yoga on the way home later, I decided I was (sub-c) deliberately loading on workouts this week so that I'd have an excuse when things don't go so well on Sunday! Might be some truth in that. But really I am just getting very nervous about my lack of long bikes with 7 weeks to IM. Not going to worry so much about the swim. I swam 3 times a week from Jan to Jun and had a crap swim at Liberty half IM so I just think I am doomed there no matter what.

Oh well, that's what I get for loading up the calendar. Will I learn from this for next year? Do pigs fly?

p.s. I heard Sarah Palin say in an interview today that she reads the NY Times and The Economist. Phew. All is well.

End of post.

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