Saturday, October 18, 2008

2 down, 1 to go

Long swim, check; long bike, check. So that just leaves the long run tomorrow - which of course I am looking forward to... especially since my foot has been feeling great the last few days.

Biked 93 miles with the girls this morning... afternoon. Not quite the century but good enough. It was pretty rough biking into headwinds out around Winsted and Lester Prairie but it warmed up nicely and on the way back we had some wind behind us. And the great thing was I got to catch up properly with Kami, between work and training schedules it's been ages since we had a good chat so over the course of 6+ hours we had plenty of time to get up to date!

Pretty wrecked by the time we got done but a delightful soy cappucchino and s'bucks new 'Fruit Stella' (yummy oats and berries, and yes, probably high fructose corn syrup to hold it all together...) and I felt like a new person. Almost. And then it was off to work for the evening. Not quite what I had in mind for a Saturday evening but it's likely to be like this for a while. At least it's interesting stuff and there's a whole team of us in it together.

I did have time to skim the paper quickly... (reproduced without permission)

Joe The Plumber
Maybe he's ready to be vice president
What's the difference between a plumber and a hockey mom? One is willing to answer the media's questions about John McCain's positions on issues, and the other is running for vice president.
Eric Ferguson, Minneapolis

End of post.

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