Monday, September 29, 2008

Training Partners

I am lucky to have so many wonderful training partners. There is no doubt I owe much of my success to them. Tonight it was Susan's turn to kick my ass into doing a swim workout I really didn't want to do. And this was after Susan ran the Omaha marathon yesterday! She is a super fast swimmer - even the day after 26.2 miles. Watching her zip up and down the pool making it look far too easy has me in awe every time.

I had originally planned a lake swim but it got too late so we met at the pool just after 6pm. After getting the download on her race (lots of concrete... ugghhh), it was time to get going. Susan was doing 3000 yards mixing it up between long crawl, pull and 100s in the middle. I was hoping for 2000 but even thought that was optomistic having not swam that far since mid-June! But in the end I did 2300 in something under an hour. Well pleased. No way I would have done that by myself.

Off to DC tomorrow for work. Unfortunately will be out in the sticks and not downtown but I'll bring my running shoes anyway and hopefully find somewhere nice to run.

End of post.

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