Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Running again

It's been 10 whole days since Sawtooth so I figured it was time to get out for a run... I'm back in Ireland for 2 weeks and my sister got married this past weekend so it's been a busy time and I honestly haven't thought too much about running. Physically I have been feeling great but I just didn't feel like I 'needed' to run. And so I didn't. I swam a little last Friday but apart from that I've done nada since the race. I guess it's not a bad idea really.

But anyway, this morning I did 5K (back to metric already!) and it felt pretty good except that the second I started running I felt the knot at the top of my right calf that was bothering me for the whole second half of the race. Never had anything like it before. I assumed it was gone as walking around I can't feel anything but I realized that when I bend my knee past 120 degrees or so I can feel it. Not good. I hope it is just something that needs more time - and another massage or 2. It did feel better once I'd warmed up. Still, I am thinking TCM in 2 weeks time will be a relatively easy pace and not the 3:30 I'd committed to running with Igor! Sorry 'bout that...

Planning an easy run with Dee in the morning - she is gearing up for her first marathon in Berlin the weekend after this and has trained well all summer. She'll do great.

Assuming this calf heals up soon I've been trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of the season. I had planned to run the 50K at Glacial to get in the 5th race for the Fab Fifties series - but then I read about the fat ass 100K in Duluth! I calculated that I am likely going to win the series (I know, win a few races and I am full of it...) so technically I don't need to run Glacial (assuming it's not a requirement to actually run 5 races??). And it is a really long drive out there. And I have run the race already - it is pretty but not a new trail. Wild Duluth on the other hand would be a new trail. And a relaxed fat ass vs the 'pressure' of a race! We'll see. I don't expect Glacial will fill up so I'll wait and decide after TCM.

As for the next few months. I have IM Arizona in late Nov so I guess that is what I should be working towards but I am so completely UNMOTIVATED to train for IM. I really am. Honestly, I've been seriously considering not doing it. Hopefully a few hours on the bike will get me excited about it. I know it will be a fun weekend with friends - and my Mum is over for 10 days and coming down with me - but it won't be the same as last year at Madison doing my first one and I just think my head is somewhere else right now and would much rather be planning for a trail race. I thought about entering Hellgate (VA) in December but it filled already - though they have a drawing Sept 30... hmmm... I just love running those trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And I have tons of NWA miles (yes, I already checked flights - would only cost me 30 bucks!)... I dunno, I should just focus on IM, forget about any more crazy ultras and chill out for a bit.

I've also been thinking about next year. I think way too much. I want to put in more quality training hours. I keep saying I need to incorporate strength training (beyond vinyasa yoga) which means getting my ass to the gym. I will do it. It's just a matter of when to start... and then there's my plan to start indoor rock climbing regularly this winter. And in the middle of all this work is getting busier and there's plenty of travel on the horizon.

Oh well, I'd go crazy if I had nothing to do and nothing to be planning so I should just enjoy it right?

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johnmaas said...

Glad to hear you are back at the running, so soon after a remarkable performance at Superior.
I made the mistake of trying to get back too fast and hurt myself a bit.
Have fun at Twin Cities!

SteveQ said...

As the official in charge, I can say you don't have to do 5 races in the series (that way, I can win my age class without Glacial, too).
There's a 50K on trails Nov. 1 here in town and next year, Larry's planning a 100K/100M at Zumbor Bottoms... and I know you love it there. Lots of races!

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