Wednesday, September 3, 2008


During a final easy 5 mile run on the Luce Line last night the guys were asking how I was feeling - scared? nervous? excited? No, No and Yes! Don't worry I will be freaking out a little come tomorrow night but right now I just want to get up there and do it!

A little worried about the conditions. Definitely need to pack some warmer clothing. I started on my drop bags Monday night. Whoa - this is nothing like a 50 miler!! My time estaimates vary so wildly that I ended up packing every cart with tons of stuff. All EIGHT of them. Is that overkill? 8 drop bags? It seems excessive but I just don't know what I'll want when. I just feel bad for the volunteers lugging them all around the place...

I will have crew but don't want to be putting them under pressure to carry stuff either. Teresa will have my car and then Pam & Tanya are coming up also. It will be really great to have them there. I am undecided if I'll want them to pace me at all. I know they are both willing and prepared to help Kami and/or I as needed but I have a feeling I'll just want to run by myself. But then what do I know about mile 51, 52, 53...99... ok, maybe the nerves are starting to set in early!

BEST of LUCK to everyone heading up there for the 26.2, 50 or 100. Part of the reason I am so excited is seeing so many familar faces on Thursday night, throughout the run and most especially during the celebrations!! It's been an awesome few months getting to know so many local trail runners and it truly makes these races all the more memorable.

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SteveQ said...

I have 8 drop bags too and included everything - even a second pair of gaiters. The veterans pack light, but they know what's coming.

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