Saturday, August 30, 2008


After a few days in southwestern Colorado we crossed back into New Mexico yesterday. Before leaving CO we had a very relaxing time in Pagosa Springs where we soaked for hours in the hot springs, treated ourselves to a hot stone massage ('treated' might actually be too generous a word as the lady doing my massage seemed to be going for the speed record in zipping her hands up and down my back... slooooowly does it thank you very much). But anyway, between that and the 110F pools alternated with dips in the freezing San Juan river my body probably felt as different as it possibly could from what it'll be feeling this time next week!

Also enjoyed a lovely run through the trails along the edge of the San Juan National Forest. Including a little venture onto private property. Wasn't spotted trespassing. Well, expect by the deer.

After leaving Pagosa we detoured east to Wolf Creek Pass along the Continental Divide Trail.

Hiked for an hour or more on the trail from the Lobo outlook. Wow - what fantastic views. This is definitely a trail for running!!

Taos is a cool spot. There's an Arts Festival on for the weekend so we're going to check that out now and then head out to one of the ski areas for some hiking. And then Santa Fe before home on Monday... but that's TWO whole days away so no need to think about it just yet. And anyway, home means just a few short days until Sawtooth. I am ridiculously excited about it. It literally is the first and last thing I think of each day and hundreds of time throughout the day. I had better not end up falling 10 miles into the race and have to pull out as I might just not ever get over it :)

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SteveQ said...

I fell before the race!

johnmaas said...

Best wishes to you on a successful Superior Sawtooth 100!
I can't wait to hear about it!

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