Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feeling good again!

Great run this evening! I am so glad I took the few days to let my ankle heal. I've been icing and taping it every day. Felt no pain whatsoever in it. Took Saturday and Sunday completely off, yoga Monday morning and a nice sleep in this morning. Then met up with Cindy from work who's training for her first IM for a bike ride this evening. We got caught in the rain but just towards the end.

Got home and was feeling good so I decided I'd head for the Lakes. 9 miles. 1 warm-up, 7 @ 7min pace, 1 cool-down. It wasn't easy. But I felt strong. It was just one of those runs that make you so happy to be able to run. My left foot (problem child from a few weeks ago) felt a little tender mile 3-4 but went away after that. Similarly my right quad (odd pain that appeared Friday night) was aching a little in the middle of the run but was better by the end. Got home, stretched a little... I'm learning the hard way... then sat watching the Olympics with my feet in a basin of ice and an ice pack on my thigh!

Tomorrow will be an easy day and then more running Thursday. I'd been planning a hill workout at Afton but have decided I am better off not tempting fate on the gnarly terrain and will instead do Hyland ski hill. And then off to NM for the week. Easy runs at altitutde - it's all about increasing the red blood cell count :)

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