Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Return to Madison

Back in Madison for the first time since last September... looking forward (I think) to biking the IM course tomorrow. Hoping it is slightly less painful than the actual race itself last year! Well, maybe painful is the wrong word. But it was frustrating by the second loop and my shoulders ached for much of it. I wasn't a huge fan of biking last year but have definitely been enjoying it more this year. I guess that's what a new bike and good fit does for you...

Saw the PT this morning and was very happy to be told after a few minutes of ultrasound on the sole of my foot with zero pain I could be assured it was not a stress fracture. Sweet. My shoulder on the other hand seems to be worse this week and I haven't swam since last Wednesday. I guess the flights to and from DC didn't help. Dr. Pete suggested I avoid swimming for a few more days but I packed my wetsuit anyway... I know I am a terrible patient but I have to get in the water more often if I have any hope of maintaining my swim time in Arizona.

So the plan for tomorrow is ~30 min swim in Lake Monona, bike the IM course, and then ~30 min run. Having biked the course once in training last summer and then for the race I am responsible for not getting us lost. Well, I have a vague memory and a map so I guess we should be good... I'll be happy to get the century ride+ practice but don't feel the need to do any extra miles!

Was just reading Runner's World (yes, I still subscribe to the roadie mag) and enjoyed a piece on Vibram FiveFingers, must let Keith know. It was written by Peter Sagal, host of one of my fav shows on radio - NPR's Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!

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