Sunday, August 3, 2008

Or not...

So much for my optimism last week. By Thursday my foot was feeling good so I decided to do yoga Friday morning. Hmmm - maybe not quite recovered after all. It didn't hurt too bad but definitely didn't appreciate the extra pressure. I saw the chiropractor then and had my PT evaluation - mostly for my shoulder but also asked them to look at my foot. It continued to hurt a little with any sort of manipulation but they didn't seem too worried about it.

However, as I headed out to Afton Friday night I had a feeling I might be back home in bed by midnight. And I was! Still, it's Afton on a Friday night - worth the drive right? Zach Pierce and Greg Allen were there when I arrived a little before 8pm. Matt, Jim and Steve rolled in from their first loop + snowshoe loop a little later and we set off towards the meat grinder to 'continue' on the second loop. It all felt great for the first few miles but slowly the pain started in the ball of my foot, same spot as last weekend. I ran for a while longer to see if it would get worse. It didn't really but I knew there was no point in continuing since I was only doing harm. And when Steve tells you to rest it's a little worrying :)

Zach, whose stomach wasn't doing so good, and I headed back to the car park and were done by 10pm.

Oh well, at least I can bike with no pain. Short ride on Thursday, longer one Friday, 3hrs yesterday and 4 more today! All adding up to a very sore butt. Necessary build-up for Thursday - Igor decided he wanted to bike the Madison course before IM in September and knew there wouldn't be too many willing volunteers to take a vaction day to do it (everyone's weekends are too full). But he figured it was worth asking me. Needless to say I thought it was a great idea. Susan may join us also which would be cool as she knows the course very well. I might get us lost - I wasn't exactly taking in the sights during my 6h38m out there last year!

But first, I leave tonight for a work trip to DC. I might try to run Tuesday night when I get back. Assuming the foot still hurts I have a PT apt Wednesday morning and will get an MRI. I am praying it's not a stress fracture. I figure it would be more painful if it was. But what do I know I've never broken a bone. And I have a pretty high pain threshold :)

end of post.


nwgdc said...

"high pain threshold" and "stress fracture" always trigger certain thoughts in my head...REST! And enjoy the IM course!

keith said...

i hope it's nothing too serious...and glad you have other outlets for getting your exercise on. it was nice to see you on saturday!

SteveQ said...

Guess I'm a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of guy. Once, when I had an x-ray for a stress fracture, there were dozens of fractures of varying degrees of healing - sometimes you don't feel them at all. If it is a small fracture and you don't make it worse, it should be healed just about the time of the 100 miler.

Helen said...

Thanks for the support guys!

nwgdc - needless to say I am a bad patient :)

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