Friday, August 8, 2008

Long bike - check; Long run - next up!

Heading up north later this afternoon after I meet my sister & friend at the airport (yep, more vistors - Mpls is a popular place this summer - most likely due to the dollar-euro conversion as opposed to my wonderful company!). Can't wait to see the ladies.

And I'm really looking forward to the run tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how my legs feel. I am tired today after the trip to Madison but my biggest complaint is lack of sleep. Apart from that my body feels pretty good. Though I did complain A LOT during the last 20 miles of the bike ride!! I need to change my saddle AGAIN - surely it isn't meant to hurt that much?? I was cursing every bump in the road from about mile 80 onwards...

Still, it was a great training day. I think Igor was a little surprised by the hills - though he will be well able for them in September. I had forgotten just how many there are, even before hitting the loop the road out to Verona is none too flat. And it was pretty windy yesterday. In fact it was probably very similar conditions to the race last year though maybe 5-10 degrees hotter. It got very sunny as the day wore on and of course I had missed a spot on my shoulder with the sunscreen and have a very attractive red line down my back.

Before the bike we swam for 30 mins in Lake Monona - it actually felt great, that is such a nice lake to swim in. Shoulder feels pretty good today - I am delighted the bike doesn't seem to bother them as much as last year. I'm sure being positioned better on my tri bike helps a ton. And then we ran 40 mins after we gone done with biking. Needless to say that felt great! Anything to be off the bike... oh, it's not that bad but I won't ever enjoy it as much as running :)

Missing the group run at Afton tomorrow morning but hopefully will get out to Hyland with the gang next week. And then planning on Matt's all nighter Friday night. Should be more successful than last Friday assuming no ill effects from tomorrow's run. I see Adam is planning same on the RTA Saturday night... might be an interesting schedule next weekend!

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