Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to taper effectively?

Go on vacation!

Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Having a blast on hols with my sis. The plan was NM but somewhere between MSP and ABQ we looked at a map and realized that most of what we wanted to see in NM is in the northern and north western part of the state... and hey, isn't that Arizona over there, and Utah up there, and look - Colorado is just across the border! I know, I've been living in the States almost 4 years and I have a pretty good grasp of geography but I hadn't researched this trip at all so I just assumed we'd spend all of our time in New Mexico. But we do like to make the most of these trips... so I am sitting in a motel in Moab as I type this!

Highlights so far were a visit to El Morro National Monument yesterday and a fantastic drive and hike through Canyon de Chelly today.

Four Corners: AZ, UT, CO, NM

I plan to run for an hour in the morning - maybe the trails we ran for the 50K that Kami and I did here in Feb '07. That would be fitting - retracing some of my first Ultra steps just before my first 100 miler!

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