Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Night sans Trails

Much as I would love to be heading to Hyland tonight with the gang for a few more trips up the ski hill I will instead be lying on my sofa with my foot on ice and elevated... but hopefully watching a better movie than yesterday evening - P.S. I Love You (p.p.s. How bad an Irish accent can ya do?).

Diagnosis on the foot is a relatively mild form of peripheral edema - ha, that sounds so scientific. Bascially it's swollen. A few days rest, ice and elevation should help. And I got a massage yesterday to help circulation and have another one scheduled for Thursday. Sue made the comment that all of the tendons around my ankle were very tight as if I had twisted it though I know that I didn't. Just a lot of stress built up over 50 miles I guess.

What I need to figure out though is what's causing it. Similar to the training run on the SHT a few weeks ago I felt the ball of my foot begin to hurt at around 30 miles on Saturday - I was wearing different shoes (Asics vs Montrails) so I don't think that had anything to do with it. I am wondering if my nervousness about triggering plantar faciitis - which I get in my arch - is making me run slightly differently. My foot placement could be affected resulting in more pressure on the forefoot. Just a theory. What I do know is that the top of my foot, just below the middle toes, is much more bruised than it was after the SHT run and the overall swelling is worse.

I will see how the next few days go. I have a PT evaluation for my shoulder on Friday morning so I will ask them about the foot also. I really want to be able to run Afton that night but it's more important to not do anything stupid. SS100 is 5 weeks Friday. 5 weeks holy s**t. Ok - I need to spend longer than 20 minutes in the pool tomorrow morning - yeah, that was all I managed this morning! Still, after a month vacation from it I guess it was a start...

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SteveQ said...

Bruising on the top of the foot is unusual (unless you banged it on a root or dropped something on it). Try pressing on the spot from above and then from below - if it hurts both ways, it might be a stress fracture, which would make sense from the other details.

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