Thursday, July 10, 2008

Running Easy or Easy Run?

There are days when running easy is hard and days when running hard is easy. Happy to report today was the latter. I had planned to bike this evening as I need to start getting in a few longish mid-week rides but with the rain earlier and work to get done I decided to just run from home by myself. So I set off for Lake Calhoun at 7pm with no real plan. And what do you know.... Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake (love the trails on the north side), Calhoun, Harriet... darkness, 17 miles later and I am home!

My legs just wanted to run. And 7:40's felt easy. This, after a fun hill workout at Hyland last night. I guess I have recovered from Afton. Just in time for Saturday's training run on the SHT!

p.s. I just realized this week is likely to be my highest mileage ever >60 miles...!

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SteveQ said...

I think that all-time high weekly mileage is going to fall after you run the Sawtooth 100!

My highest was (I think) 122, bookended with two marathons.

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