Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the mend...

Biked for an hour with Igor this evening and felt good. That was after a lot of rest this week with a few short swims and two sessions on the Arc Trainer. Dr. Pete was very specific: Hill Workout, Level 6, no hands, keep strides above 140/min, for 30-40 mins... here was me thinking I'm fit - 30 minutes kicked my ass!! Goes to show how mixing it up a bit can help your training. Not that I enjoy going to the gym on a glorious summer evening but throwing in a few low impact sessions (and maybe even some weight training??) wouldn't do any harm.

PT eval for my shoulder in the morning - should be interesting - I was feeling great with the few weeks of adjustments and then I hop in the pool and after 20 minutes my shoulder hurts!! Not happy. I don't really like swimming (when I have to do it) but there's a small matter of 2.4 miles in late November. I probably need to do some specific shoulder muscle strengthening to make long terms improvements. Sounds like weight training.

Anyway, as well as the shoulder I will get my foot checked out. I'm happy to report it's much improved, swelling mostly gone. In fact the pain, well, more of an ache really, now seems to be further up along the outside of my leg. I've been using The Stick to help break up any gunk in there so I think that's helping. But the leg feels sort of fatigued. And while in Target tonight (yet again, I go in for ONE thing and leave 30 minutes later with 3 bags full) I was trying on shoes (see what I mean) and as soon as I put on a pair with heels... boy, I felt that ankle. Which reminded me, again, how stupid I was to go out in heels Saturday night! Seemed like a great idea at the time. We ended up in a cool bar in Duluth enjoying cocktails and hit the dancefloor multiple times. But I would have been better off without the few inches. Live and learn.

Except I won't, of course :)

end of post.

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