Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hyland Hills

What a great run we had this evening! Big group of us out at Hyland for a few repeats of the ski hill. I'd run out there recently but had just run the hill twice on that occasion. Tonight - 8 times up that lovely slope! I think it was number 6 that felt kinda good. The others not so much. I guess I was warmed up by then. I should have stopped at that... but you know how it is. Felt the hamstrings get tight. Hopefully nothing to worry about for Saturday. HR got up to 184 which is about as high as it's ever been at sea level. Avg 153 for the 70 minute run. Looking forward to doing this run every week until Sawtooth. Hopefully add on a few repeats each time... maybe even do it in the morning some day next week. Towards the end of the week - I don't think the post-50 miler legs would appreciate it Monday morning!

Really looking forward to Voyageur now. I love running new trails. I've heard lots of stories about how hot and miserable it can be, the infamous powerlines etc... but I'm an optimist and fully intend to have fun up there!

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