Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Challenge of 100...

Miles? That's in the plan alright but the idea of trying to do 100 push-ups is equally appealing... I can't remember which blog I read it on first and usually I wouldn't get caught up in chain-mail type things. But this is a worthy challenge, especially for someone who couldn't even do 1 a few years ago. Then I started taking regular Vinyasa classes at Core Power Yoga which involve plenty of Chaduranga poses, and have built up some good upper arm strength. Still, I think I could only manage around 10 right now.

Check out the link in the title. I think I'll start this weekend. That way I might make it to 100 around the same time as Sawtooth... Yeah, I'll finish the run and then drop to the ground and do 100 push-ups by the pool at Caribou Highlands! I'm kidding. Obviously.

end of post.

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Holly said...

That pushup challenge seems to be all the rage amongst the blogging community these days! I am waiting to see the "end results" before I torture myself with it.

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