Sunday, June 1, 2008

Return to Zumbro

This morning Pam & I found ourselves back at Zumbro Bottoms accompanied by Kami & Eric. What a glorious day for trail running. Unfortunately the trail was not quite what we'd been expecting. While we were glad not to be running on ice and snow as we did when we first ran down here with John & Steve back in early April, we'd been hoping for something similar to the terrain at Afton. But between the rain and the horses it was a little on the muddy side - no doubt bringing back memories of Kami's 50 miler in Kentucky earlier this year where the biggest challenge was to keep your shoes on! Still, it was a fun adventure and always good to change it up a bit. Beautiful views from higher up on the ridges and along with the deer sighting Eric also spotted a turtle on the trail! Given how much difficulty we were having with the mud I can't imagine how slow his progress was :)

Kami rolled her ankle badly enough so hopefully it will be fully recovered in time for next Saturday's 'fun run' through the night at Kettle Moraine. Despite the obvious nuttiness of the event I am really looking forward to the experience. Even just the idea of staying up through the night and seeing how we feel on 2 feet by 6am will be a taste of how we need to prepare for Sawtooth. Speaking of Lutsen - several more recruits this week for the Moose Mountain marathon! It will be a blast up there.

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