Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It was finally time to attempt the Cadence Multisports/Gear West sponsored Tuesday Night Time trials. After a quick swim (all pull-buoy to save the legs), I met up with Pam at the Holy Name church car park on county road 24. I have to say I got a bit of a shock seeing how big a deal this event clearly is. Top of the range bikes in every direction and some folks even had trainers set up to get warmed up! We were towards the end of the line signing which was just what I wanted since I knew there'd be no chance of me passing anyone out there.

The teams started first at 7pm and thereafter us individuals set off 30 seconds apart. We were number 50 & 51 so we got going around 7:30pm. It's an 11 mile out-and-back route along 24 with the turnaround just before the junction with 19. I know the road extremely well from numerous training rides the past few years but those unexpected hills get me every time. Of course with only 11 miles I figured I would just hammer from the get-go... I was gasping for breath within about 2 minutes! Pam caught me just after the turnaround and I struggled to keep her in my sight. But it was good motivation on pretty tired legs coming back... I messed up with my computer so I'm not sure it got the average correct but it read 20.2 mph so I'd say that was about right. Whew - given how my legs feel right now I can't imagine ever being able to keep that pace for a triathlon of any distance!!

Nevertheless it was a fun way to spend a Tuesday evening and I expect I'll be making another trip back there for the next one in 2 weeks time.

post note: turns out I averaged 21.28 mph and Pam 21.71. Not bad for our first attempt!
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