Thursday, May 15, 2008

Taper - Day 4

Success - I managed to completely rest today! And get a massage. And continue the carbo/calorie loading with another lunch out from work and a delectable chocolate torte to finish it off. And a taste of the alernate desert (apple pie) while I was at it.

I guess I did do a little activity - the lunch was part of a team builder for the department at work and afterwards we went Curling. Yes, Curling. It was very entertaining. Though I can't see myself becoming a regular. But its good to know that if I change my mind the St. Paul Curling Club is the biggest one in North America with 1200 members. And there's a decent chance I'd get to rub shoulders with Olympians!

The massage was mostly for my hamstrings. Fingers crossed they stay loose for Saturday...

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