Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taper - Day 3

Started my carbo-loading today. Or at least my calorie-loading. One of the ladies in my department at work is retiring this week so we had lunch at Rush Creek Golf Club. Very nice indeed! The food was relatively healthy – salad, chicken, pasta and tons of asparagus. Yum. Followed up by not so healthy chocolate cake. Did I stop at one slice? Hardly…

Yoga again this morning which felt good. But my right hamstring’s been bugging me all day. Maybe it’s in my head. I’m getting the pre-race despondent feeling. But I know that as soon as I get on the plane Friday it’ll be quickly replaced by butterflies.

I ran a very easy loop of Lake Harriet this evening – I wanted to try the new shorts and top and also my Montrails to make sure they didn’t rub my heel where there is still signs of a blister. I know I can’t really tell from 2.75 miles but at least that much felt good! I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow morning and then I have a massage in the evening – hopefully that will loosen everything out nicely and I’ll be all set…

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