Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Taper - Day 2

Well, I managed not to run or bike today... but I did make 2 yoga classes and a 2200 yards easy swim! One of the yoga classes was a hot one and felt really good. Then I spent an hour in Dick's trying to find something to wear on Saturday... I know, I know I shouldn't be thinking of wearing new gear for a race. But it will be such a mix of conditions that I can't figure out what I should wear. It will be cold at the 5am start, but will warm up quick, and be sunny and hot for much of it - but then the 10,000ft peaks might get a little chilly... at least I have 3 drop bags along the way so I'll have lots of supplies and some spare gear.

Very light run tomorrow evening - I want to see how the Montrails are because I got 2 blisters at Promise Land and that's the last thing I want this weekend. I think it was due to my overheating a little that day and also my socks were a little rough.

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