Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Swell Season

Excellent concert last night. Glen & Marketa really lived up to expectations with this gig. And Damien Dempsey supporting was a nice bonus. Glen went a little overboard with some of the story telling but he was pretty entertaining and given that they stayed on stage until 11:30pm he didn't take away from the music time with his winding tales about the head and the heart, not to mention "those people who cannot be seen"...!

I loved his performances of the The Frames songs. He can sing me to sleep any night with "I will write you letters...". And their performance of Falling Slowly was incredible. There's a song that rightly deserves the limelight as much as sometimes might want to sometimes "take it back".

Check out the music and interviews on NPR where you can even download a podcast of one of their concerts!!

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