Monday, May 26, 2008

Sweet Afton

No not the poem. These are a brand of cigarette I became all too familiar with as a teenager. I didn't smoke them but may as well have. I worked in a pub at the weekends. A 'real Irish pub' - the kind where they didn't believe in ventilation, where 90% of the clientele were male, 90% of the males were smokers, and 90% of the smokers enjoyed this brand of filterless cigarette. Boy, did my eyes burn. On more than one ocassion my boss asked me who said something to upset me and make me cry. I needed the measly 5 pounds a night (the equivalent of about $7 at the time) too much to tell him he ought to cough up for a few fans around the place.

I digress. Afton, the park, is very sweet indeed. And doesn't make me eyes burn. Just my quads. Nonetheless Pam and I ran a very fun 16 miles yesterday and this morning I headed out again. Eric (the first person I have met in years who, like me, has been to Laos!) is signed up for the 25K in July so I took him around part of the course - the part I usually manage not to get lost on. My legs felt great. I know I probably shouldn't have run 2 days in a row but it's hard to pass up an opportunity to run out there, especially with the lovely weather early this morning.

I should have left it at that but instead went for a 2hr+ bike ride with Tanya this afternoon. It was my first time to ride the Orbea since I got the computer put on. Given how pathetic my average speed was I am hoping it just isn't calibrated correctly!

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SteveQ said...

Good to see you and Eric out there (you should've introduced us). I finally had a good day on the trails; any time you want to make the drive out there, let me know!

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