Monday, May 12, 2008


Finally we got to bike in the sunshine yesterday. It was a little windy, and I got another flat, but it was still a great day to be out and Carrie, Tanya and I were happy to get in a solid 50 miles. It ended up being a pretty full day as I'd taken a yoga class in the morning and then swam 2800 yards before the bike ride. Which we followed up with a nice easy 20 minute run. My first brick session this season!

Now for the taper... yoga and swimming is all that's allowed this week. Possibly an easy run tomorrow morning if the rain holds off.

Thankfully my hamstrings felt better this morning than they have in days. I've been using 'the stick' for 15-20 minutes every night so I think it is working...

CONGRATS to all who ran Ice Age yesterday - I've heard a few reports so far and it sounds like a great day out there.

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