Saturday, May 24, 2008


It's seems way longer than a week since I was battling with the mountains in Jemez - although my legs would not agree. Definitely not quite recovered yet. I had a massage Monday evening which really helped and since then it's been mostly yoga and a few swims. Yesterday I did a 6 mile run. It felt okay but the legs were a little heavy. This morning the MN Tri club had their first century ride of the season - followed by a picnic pancake breakfast! We started at Lake Independence so we got to check out the new Liberty course (one word - hilly!). NO, I did not attempt 100 miles... I'd been hoping to do 50-60 but legs felt quite tired. And it was windy out there. So Pam and I did 45 and then I proceeded to eat way too many pancakes!! Now for the fun part of the day - it's time to make the yard look pretty...

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