Thursday, May 29, 2008

The (magic) Stick

I tend to go a little crazy at pre-race expos (and sports stores in general) but the $16 spent on The Stick at Grandma's marathon last year was absolutely money well spent. I am convinced this nifty little device has rescued my hamstrings more than once. It's essentially a massage tool that is very easy to use. However, as with everything regular use is the key. I've been pretty dismal on that front, just picking it up when I feel tightness. But recently I've been trying to use it for 15 minutes every night - hamstrings, quads and calves. And given the absence of tightness in my hamstrings the mornings after tough workouts I think it's working. Just need to keep it up...

Biking in the wind
Pam's theory is that we will be biking in the wind all summer long - but that come IM Arizona in November it will be totally calm. And we'll fly. I sure hope she is right. It would be just reward given that we seem destined to train in dodgy weather conditions. This evening was no different. It looked like we'd have to cancel but by 6pm the severe weather warnings were expiring and none were too close to Plymouth anyway so Pam, Eric and I decided it was worth a shot. It was either that or Eric might have found himself shopping at Gear West again, without having road-tested his fabulous new Trek Madone 5.2! It was fun heading out on rt. 24 with the wind behind us. Not so much on the way home, after a loop around Lake Independence. But the rain held off until close to Lifetime and we managed to average 17.8 for approx 30 miles so can't complain about that.
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Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Hi Helen. Just found your blog and am really impressed with your running. You sure have a busy fitness routine and an even busier race schedule.

Anyway, wanted to mention that the Stick is an amazing piece of equipment. Every runner should have one. When I take the time to use it, which isn't often enough, it leaves my muscles feeling so re-energized.

And how did you ever get it for $16? I paid more than twice that.

I always like to invite runners to join us at, just a friendly community site for runners.

Take care. Tom at

Helen said...

Hi Tom,

Actually my friend reminded me that we paid $24 for The Stick - still that was a great deal. 3 of us bought it at the Expo at Grandma's marathon in 2007 so I think we got a good deal. I've seen them priced at $32 quite a few places locally. But worth that in any case. I wil check out that website. Thanks!

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