Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jemez Mountain - part 1

I'm alive. I think. Today's race was incredible. Mt. Masochist on steroids. I wanted to drop at mile 36 but after a short pity party for Helen I pulled it together, discovered my legs had plenty of juice and finished strong.

I didn't wear a watch/HRM but felt like my HR was pretty normal for this type of race. I didn't really know where my time was at for most of the run until a guy near the end told me I'd finish under 13hrs. I was delighted to hear that as my time goal had been revised to 14hrs by mile 2! Thankfully the altitude (7000-10000ft) didn't seem to impact me other than make the climbs a bit slower.

12:49:18 4th female, 41st overall (~145 starters, 92 finishers)
First male 8:08:15 (Kyle Skaggs, 23 - course record)
First female 11:30:22 (Susan Brozik, 41)

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Todd said...

Nice job - especially considering your flatlander status!

keith said...

Wow. Amazing run! You are awesome!

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