Saturday, May 31, 2008

54 miles on the bike...

And I think I complained for 50 of them! My legs just did not want to spin as fast as my head wanted them to. But I guess there'll be days like that. Despite my lethargy I had a lovely morning hanging out with friends, checking out a new route in Scott County - and finally biking in decent weather! Carrie (a.k.a Hawaii qualifier) and Pam were in flying form, as were the boys - Eric was more than able for the distance on just his second ride on the new wheels, and Igor was getting in a warm-up before a half-marathon tomorrow. What a bunch of level-headed folks we are. To further illustrate this point, Igor, who I had not biked with before, explained to us how he is doing his first triathlon at Lifetime in July, followed by a half IM in Chisago. And yes, you've guessed it - next stop is IM Wisconsin in September! Makes my 2008 race calendar seem altogther reasonable...

Heading south to Zumbro Bottoms tomorrow morning to run the trails Pam & I discovered courtesy of Larry etc back in April. Should be fun - assuming the legs feel a little more alive!

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