Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Month's Resolutions...

May 1st tomorrow - can you believe it! I've been enjoying my recovery since Promise Land. Plenty of sleep, no workouts until an easy swim this evening and a sickening amount of crap food (Dunkin' Donuts really does make great coffee. And yes, great donuts too...). So, my new month's resolution is to have at least 1 full DAY OFF from working out a week. And that means nothing, no easy swim, or light yoga class. It won't be easy. I feel like I should be in better shape when I compare my training to last year but I know that from everything I've read - and from listening to my body and to my training partners - what I need more than additional workouts is in fact more rest. And I need to get more sleep... I function fine with 6 hours but I know 7 would be better! And I need to eat better... no more donuts!
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keith said...

I have nooo problem taking a day off a week (or more)! This probably explains a lot ;-)

Donuts are good recovery food. Dipping them in chocolate milk is ideal.

But seriously, I think you'll be amazed at what giving yourself a little downtime will do.

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