Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Snow??

Boy am I glad to be getting on a plane tomorrow morning to the mild southeast... I know, it's not at all unheard of to get snow in late April and into May - we had hail for the Wells Fargo Half the first year I ran it in 2005 - but seriously, hasn't winter been long enough this year?

Anyway, I am off to DC in the morning, then driving approx 200 miles south to a campground north of Lynchburg where I'll set up camp along with over 100 other runners in anticipation of the race director's alarm horn at 4:30am Saturday! Anyone who has run a race directed by David Horton knows that his events are never without some interesting twist. And the Promise Land 50K is no different. I believe the race is actually just 50K - no "Horton miles" like the Masochist 50M in Nov which is closer to 54M - but instead we get to camp the night before and set off up the side of a mountain in the dark. Well, it was a blast last year and knowing the beautiful trail and scenery ahead of me I am excited to be taking part again. And I am looking forward to meeting up with the great group of local runners that run the Lynchburg series of races.

I am hoping to feel a little more energized than last weekend at Trail Mix. I am better rested for sure - due to a crazy week at work I haven't had the chance to work out much. Though I did get in a nice run early yesterday morning around the lakes. And in an effort to start analyzing my 'data' I wore my fancy new HRM...

no warm up (need to work on that)
7m tempo
avg speed 8.5mph
avg HR 159
1m cool down

Now, time to pack - tent, sleeping bag, running gear, hiking gear, and suit for conf. in DC... did I hear they charge for extra bags on northwest these days??

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aharmer said...

Best of luck Helen, have a great race! If you want to start collecting HR data I'd be happy to share any of my geeky wisdom. Will you be wearing the monitor in the race? Would love to see the data if you're willing.

SteveQ said...

Yeah, good luck in Virginia! I just ran in the snow at Afton and Virginia sounds pretty good right now.

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